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Online RPG fans can now bet on Warcraft esports. Knowing the top teams and the basis of the game, you can have a good time and multiply your balance. To esports betting:

  1. Go to the site of the BK from our list.
  2. Register on the site and make your first deposit.
  3. Select the desired event in the cybersports section and bet on the outcome.

You can combine several matches to multiply your winnings or choose total kills. Don’t forget to enjoy the game online after placing your bets.

Warcraft esports arena

World of Warcraft arena.

World of Warcraft is the most anticipated game, with over 4.5 million pre-orders. The game has gained so much popularity that gamers worldwide started to hold closed championships, events, and local tournaments.

Nowadays, we can watch world events like Warcraft 3 ESL Pro Tour and Gold League. Blizzard allows everyone to hold tournaments under their license. Many Warcraft event fans are making local tournaments with a good budget. Meanwhile, online bookies do not lose the opportunity to bet with RPG fans.

Championships and duels

A major event for Warcraft 3 in esports is Dreamhack. The championship winners can go to the ESL Pro Tour tournament and get a helpful experience and rating. The prize fund for the event is 25,000 USD. A great reason to bet and spend some time with a drive. To take part in the main ESL Championship, esportsmen need to pass several stages of Dreamhack:

  • Open;
  • Summer;
  • Fall;
  • Winter.

While Dreamhack is more LAN esports, you also can bet on Mythic Dungeon International, Arena World Championship, and Classic Arena Tournament.

Warcraft betting

Study the strategy of the players, and follow the latest matches. With such methods, you will be able to make profitable bets. Current news and online broadcasts can be watched on Twitch or Youtube sites. Interesting in the standings will not be enough because each player has his tips. Be sure to follow the online broadcasts. Yes, you can take a risk and bet on a dark horse with high odds, but you can also choose such options to increase your winnings:

  • Make an express bet and combine a series of matches.
  • Guess which player will take the card.
  • Choose a winning card (1-3).

Each bookmaker offers an individual set of bets. Take a look at our list of betting companies and choose the best option for you.

Gameplay overview

We offer gambling fans a brief walkthrough of the game’s plot if you are new to this genre and have encountered it for the first time. At the beginning of the game, you must choose a race for which you will fight. First, you need to build a settlement, fortify it and extract valuable resources to develop your city. Explore the map to find where the enemy settlement is located.

In addition to ordinary and combat units, you will have heroes with individual abilities at your location. In the process, you will be able to increase your character’s skills. The game’s goal is to get to the enemy’s city and crush his army and settlement.
Follow the latest championships and broadcasts to stay updated and bet profitably on Warcraft.

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