cloud9 wow

Team Cloud9 first appeared on the professional scene in 2015, and after a brief hiatus, they reappeared among WOW esports teams in 2019. The club’s history includes several defeats and examples of champion play.

Cloud9 Wow team roster

Chanimal wow.

Adam Chan “Chanimal” is a professional World of Warcraft player from Australia. He joined the gaming organization in 2019. Along with “Chanimal” Cloud9 took first place in the AWC Summer and Spring Finals (2019), as well as third place in Arena World at BlizzCon.


Marcel Rodriguez “Wealthyman” is a pro at World of Warcraft, originally from the US. He joined the team 3 years ago.


Kelvin Nguyen “Snutz” is a player originally from Canada. “Snutz” started his career in World of Warcraft in 2004. His first professional appearance was at the 2010 MLG Pro Circuit where he took first place with his Venruki teammates.


Cameron MacDonald “Kubzy” is a professional WoW player originally from Canada. His first place in the championship in 2015, earned him $16,666.67 in winnings!

Awards and achievements

North American esports team Cloud9 has won first place 4 times, establishing itself as one of the best teams in WoW. The list of wins includes:

  • AWC Summer Finals
  • AWC Summer Cup 4
  • AWC Summer Cup 2