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Dota 2 is a multiplayer online game from the company Valve launched in 2013 and has managed to become a benchmark in esports. A little bit later, bettors started using Dota 2 esports betting sites to make their bets on the professional teams from different countries participating in Dota 2 championships.

Dota 2.

Dota 2 Esports betting tips

  1. Choose teams with characters in their drafts focused on pushing builds. Such characters include Nature’s Prophet, Abbadon, Clinkz, Terrorblade.
  2. Some characters kill Roshan much faster than others. They are Ursa, Troll Warlord, Drow Ranger, Huskar, and Lycan. Having them in the draft increases a team’s chances of killing Roshan first.
  3. Try to play on your own or watch the online broadcasts. It would help if you researched heroes before choosing the esports Dota 2 betting site. This way, you’ll better understand the heroes’ capabilities and the game’s tactical component.
  4. Distinguish between tournament levels and team roster. The best Dota 2 eSports teams may have several lineups, the relative level of which may vary.
  5. Better bet on Dota 2 esports game at major tournaments. Bookmakers, in such cases, give higher limits and a better lineup. In addition, the probability of match-fixing is reduced.
  6. Study the updates. Depending on the current patch, it is important to understand teams’ tactical and strategic drawing.
  7. Work with statistics. On betscybersport.com, you will get information about teams and individual heroes and their synergy with other characters.
  8. When betting live, choose Dota 2 sites for betting with a stable platform. Live betting on Dota 2 can stop bringing you income if you play at a betting site with an unstable platform: connection interruptions and errors in odds. Fairly stable in-play platform at Parimatch and Leon.

Legit Dota 2 betting sites


One of the most famous sites for eSports betting is GGBET. Players can bet in live mode and on future games of the Dota 2 teams. The site also offers online streaming of games. Besides, bonuses in the form of free bets after the first deposit are available.


Leon bookmaker website accepts bets on the most popular eSports games: CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, Call of Duty, Overwatch, etc. You will find the entire list of games and tournaments on which the bets are accepted on the website. Bettors can use the Android app for betting. The site operates under a Canadian license.


Parimatch is a bookmaker site that accepts bets on esports games such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike, LoL, Valorant, and others. Players can view the entire line at once, 12 hours, 3 hours, 1 hour, or in live mode. Parimatch accepts payment systems Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay, GooglePay. Individual applications are available in AppStore, Google Play, and Galaxy Store.

Dota 2 tournaments

The most important Dota 2 competition is “The International”, which also a great place for betting. Throughout the year, teams earn DPC points which are awarded for achievements in major and minor tournaments. These are official Valve tournaments held worldwide. Majors are held in different countries and have already been held in Moscow, Kyiv, Stockholm, New York, and even in the capital of the Philippines – Manila. The 8 teams with the most points get directly to “The International”. So stay tuned to see where and when The International is coming up. “The tournament” increases the prize money every season. Similar events are often held, for example, Esl One Germany 2020 with a prize pool of 400,000 USD.

In the largest championship, “The International”, all records for the number of viewers and fans have been broken. At the tournament’s peak, not counting Asian countries, there were 1.9 million viewers, surpassing the previous record in 2018. Due to the pandemic, the championship in 2020 was rescheduled, bringing more excitement. Dota 2 fans are betting on a new record.

International tournaments

  • DPC Major
  • EPIC League
  • ESL One
  • OGA Dota PIT
  • Omega League: Europe
  • China Pro League
  • GWB
  • Pushka League
  • WeSave! Charity Play
  • The Summit
  • SL ImbaTV
  • Tug of War: Mad Moon
  • DreamLeague
  • World Pro Invitational
  • MDL Major

Types of Dota 2 bets

Do you like gambling and big events? We suggest you take a risk and bet on Dota 2. If you’re an experienced player and like Dota 2 betting, you can bet with skins from the game. Besides, you can watch the teams’ games during the online broadcasts on betscybersport.com. Moreover, knowing the news, the teams’ ranking positions, and the game guides increases the chance of winning. For example: find a black horse rapidly making it to the top and deposit a bet.

Live betting

Most of the betting on Dota 2 is in live mode. This approach allows bettors to see the heroes and the positions in which they will play. Consequently, the bettor can assess the team’s chances of winning. Live bookmaker matches are broadcast live on Twitch or YouTube platforms, so there will be no problem finding them. Don’t forget that you can watch the most popular tournaments on our website in the section of the corresponding game.

The outcome

Dota 2 eSports matches come in four formats – bo1, bo2, bo3 and bo5. The number denotes the maximum number of maps that can be played in a series. The winner will definitely be determined in bo1, bo3, and bo5 (applied in finals). In bo2, a 1:1 draw is possible.

First Blood

In Dota 2 esports betting sites, “First Blood” is the kill that will open the scoreboard. You can try to predict which team will make the “First Blood”.

Amount of kills

The line is available for both total kills and individual kills for both teams. The bettor’s task is to predict whether the teams will commit more or fewer kills than the suggested number. Before betting on Dota 2, remember that winning on kills does not indicate winning the map, the main task is to break the opponent’s tower, and the score on the scoreboard has no effect on this outcome.

First Tower

Both teams have tier-1, tier-2, and tier-3 towers on each line. In this type of Dota 2 bet, you need to predict which side will break the rival’s tower first.

Killing Roshan

The strongest neutral NPC on the Dota map is Roshan. The character who kills him can pick up the Aegis of Immortal. This is an item that gives a second life. Aegis is valid for exactly five minutes, after which it disappears. For the second kill of Roshan, in addition to the Aegis of Immortal, a player also gets Cheese. This item restores 2500 health and 1500 mana. On third and subsequent kills, Roshan receives Aegis, Cheese, Aghanim Scepter, and Refresher Orb.

Map winner

Players can also bet on the result of an individual map. The calculation of the bet on Dota 2 is based on the fact that the main tower is destroyed. That is the main goal of the teams. At the same time, the number of kills on the scoreboard may be in favor of one team, and the winner of the map may be the other.

Map total

In Dota 2 betting, you can bet on the number of maps played in the match. Such bets are only accepted in bo3 and bo5 series. In most cases, matches between tied teams rarely end with an even score; everything is decided on the third map.

Handicaps on maps

A handicap in Dota 2 betting is a conditional advantage of one of the teams and can be a plus or minus. Depending on the sign, you must add or subtract a certain number of points. For example, handicap -1.5 (-200) will win if the team listed first wins by 2 or more maps.


A Rampage is a situation in which the hero kills the whole opponent’s team. The odds of this outcome are always high because it happens very rarely. Players don’t want to kill the entire enemy team by themselves because the main thing is to win the match.

Dota 2 gameplay

Dota 2 is an online MOBA game from Valve. It is a continuation of the Dota series and a modification of maps for the game Warcraft. The essence of combat: each gamer initially chooses the main character with unique abilities and attack style. Joining with other players, you must sneak into the enemy’s base and destroy his settlement. You get gold and pump up the hero’s skills during the game.


Which Dota 2 betting site is the best?

We have chosen the best Dota 2 betting sites based on the online broadcasts, the availability of statistics, and the number of tournaments on which you can bet. Our selection includes GGbet, Leon, and Luckbox.

How to bet on Dota 2?

First, you need to register at a Dota 2 bookmaker’s website. After registering, make a deposit and get a bonus. As soon as you have money in your account, choose a match on which you want to bet and do it.


Fans of the MOBA genre can not only follow their teams in esports but also try their luck by betting on Dota 2 esports. Positive emotions and drive are ensured. Choose a bookmaker from the proposed rating, register, and fund your account to make your first bet on Dota. Then go to the eSports section, find a suitable event with the best odds and bet on the match’s outcome. To increase the chance, you can choose an express bet on several matches at once or guess who will be the first to destroy the tower. After making a deposit, follow the event online.


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