Dota 2 esports team

HellRaisers, a Dota2 esports team, was founded in 2014. The organization is gaining more and more fans every day, and the players boast a lot of experience and regular performances in tournaments.

Hellraisers Dota2.

HellRaisers Dota 2 roster

Arman Orazbayev “Malady” (support) is a professional gamer from Kazakhstan. He became a member of the HellRaisers in November 2021. In his statistics, 69.62% of wins. His prize pool is $11,593.

Maxim Afanasyev “re1bl” (midlaner) is a Dota 2 esportsman born in Russia in 2001. During his career has earned about $ 17,000.

Yaroslav Parshin “Limitless” (offlaner) is a player originally from Russia who earned $6,540 during his career. Before that, he was a member of the Nova and B8Esports teams. In November 2021, he started playing for the HellRaisers team. The player’s statistics: 48.86% wins and the same number of losses and 2 draws.

Geogrii Svistunov “Gilgir” (support) is a player from Russia who is now 23 years old. During his professional career, the gamer has earned $22,800. Match statistics: 51.85% wins, 4.17% draws and 43.98% losses. Till January 2021, he was a member of the Hellbear Smashers team.

Alimzhan Islambekov “Watson” (curry) is an esportsman from Kazakhstan with a prize pool of $6,000. The player’s statistics show 50.00% wins and the same amount of losses. Until March 2021, he played for the team B8Esports.

Achievements and awards

In 2020, the team was invited to the ESL One Cologne 2020 Championship, but the performance ended in 12-14th place. The win rate for the last 10 games is 60.00%. This year the team has already played 6 games. The last was on February 8 at the D2CL tournament, with a score of 2-0. The team’s total prize pool is $444,140. Last year it managed to earn $81,250.