Team Spirit

Dota 2 Esports Team

Team Spirit is a multigame eSports organization. In January 2021, the team turned 5 years old. On that day, there was a rebranding – the organization changed the logo, and the sponsorship went to Nike. Team Spirit has Dota 2 and Counter-Strike lineups.

Team-Spirit dota 2 roster.

Team-Spirit Dota 2 roster

Airat Gaziev “Silent” (coach). He has repeatedly won the title of champion in major tournaments. Moreover, he is among the top three Dota 2 coaches.

Illya Mulyarchuk “Yatoro” (carry) – plays for Team Spirit since 2020 and has played Dota 2 since 2013. The player was born in the Ukrainian city of Bucha. After school, the guy preferred higher education institutions to his favorite game. His mission in Dota is to acquire artifacts.

Aleksandr Khertek “TORONTOTOKYO” (midlaner) – born April 30, 1997 in Kyzyl, Russia. He has been playing Dota since 2013. Favorite characters: Windranger, Storm Spirit, Void Spirit.

Magomed Khalilov “Collapse” (offlaner) has been playing for Team Spirit since 2020. Born in Mamkhachkala, he has played Dota since 2017 as an offlaner (complex line player). Some of his favorite heroes are Magnus, Mars, and Void Spirit.

Miroslaw Kolpakov “Mira” (support) joined Team Spirit in 2021. The player was born in Lutsk, Ukraine, on November 3, 1999. He performs as a semi-carry player, and his favorite heroes are Rubick, Lion, and Mirana.

Yaroslav Naidenov “Miposhka” (support) – was born on November 30, 1997 in Russia (town of Zlatoust). His first pro-organization was Yellow Submarine. As a member of Team Spirit since 2020, although he got acquainted with Dota in 2011.

The team managers are Dmitry Belov and Ruslana Berest.

Awards and achievements

In 2021, the Team Spirit esports team won a major international tournament, “The International,” and won $ 18,000,000. Consequently, each team member received 3.6 million! This is Team Spirit’s most ambitious achievement.