Sk gaming wow

SK Gaming Team has signed European guild Pieces, considered one of the strongest World of Warcraft esports teams. This year’s roster has been renewed. It was formed a few days before the last qualification of the European Regional Tournament. Most likely, thanks to the new members, they managed to win a prize and show excellent results in the game.

SK Gaming WoW roster

SK Gaming.

The team is based in Germany and was founded in 1997.

  • Emil Moselund “Fruity”.
  • Thomas Chenel “Ekon”.
  • Kérian Candolfi “Kérian”.

The team was made up of players who didn’t know each other very well, but that didn’t stop them from coming together a week before the EU qualifiers and performing brilliantly. This allowed us to qualify for the regional championship, after which we had more time to practice, build team strength and work on strategies.

Awards and achievements

In 2015, Team SK Gaming won the world title. One significant achievement is second place in the ESL Extreme Masters (2007).