Virtus.pro Dota 2

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Virtus.pro is a professional eSports organization for Dota 2. It started working with the discipline in 2007, although the team was founded in 2003. Moreover, Virtus.pro team has won many major tournaments in the CIS.

Virtus.pro Dota 2 team roster

Ramzes666 Dota 2.

Roman Kushnarev “RAMZES666”. Role: Carry. RAMZES666″ is one of the best players in Dota 2 with a total prize pool of more than 1 million dollars. The player managed to play in Team Spirit, Team Empire, Evil Geniuses, and Navi. However, the player has had the most success with Virtus.Pro. His favorite characters are Terrorblade, Juggernaut, and Ursa.


Danil Skutin “gpk~” is a professional Dota 2 gamer. During his playing career has played in Gambit Esports and Vega Squadron. He is the first player in the CIS and the third in Europe to reach 11K MMR. Among his favorite signature heroes: Templar Assassin, Shadow Fiend, and Ember Spirit.


Dmitry Dorokhin “DM”. Role: Offlaner. Russian cyber-sportsman with total prize money of $138,044. According to the player’s statistics, he has 61.95% of wins and 35.84% of losses. “DM” played for teams: Chaos, Vega Squadron, HellRaisers, Winstrike. In November 2021, he and other VP.Prodigy players joined the Virtus.pro Dota 2 roster. His favorite characters are Kunkka, Sand King, Omniknight.


Daniyal Lazebny “yamich” is a 20-year-old gamer from St. Petersburg. He is a fourth-position player, and his favorite characters are Clockwerk, Rubick, and Phoenix. The gamer’s stats include 137 wins and 143 losses and three draws. The total prize money is $19,378.


Egor Lipartiya “Xakoda” is a promising fifth position gamer. He was born in Chelyabinsk and played for Team Spirit before joining the current team. His signature heroes are Bane, Disruptor, and Grimstroke. During his career, he earned $5,400. Xakoda’s stats include 9 losses and 3 wins.

Achievements and awards

The team has won 5 Major Series tournaments. At the EPICENTER championship in 2016, the team won $100,000. In 2020, they took first place in the EPIC League (Season 2) and earned twice as much.

Team changes

  • 05/28/2022 – “RAMZES666” joins the team
  • 04/30/2022 – termination of the contract with Pure