Team Empire Dota 2

Team Empire is a Russian eSports organization founded in 2011. The team’s prize pool is $1,671,094. The statistics show 56% wins, 7% draws, and 37% losses. You can compare their stats with other Dota 2 esports teams.

Team Empire Dota 2 roster

In 2022, Team Empire renewed their esports Dota 2 roster.


Jama Abdurashitov “jAM3S”. Role: Support.

Ilya Kuvaldin “Squad1x”. Role: Carry. The favorite character in the game – is the Invoker.


Maxim Abramovskikh “Shaclo”. Role: Offlaner. During his professional career, “Shaclo” managed to play for teams Gambit Esports, EXTREMUM, and Team Singularity.


Arslan Shadzhanov “Retrograde”. Role: Carry.


Stanislav Glushan “633”. Role: Coach. On April 1, 2022 Stanislav joined Team Empire as a coach of the new roster. While he was playing, he played the role of Carry. During his professional experience as a professional player, he played for Virtus.Pro and Team Spirit.

Awards and achievements

The team defeated HellRaisers in the first division at the DPC EEU 2021/22 Tour 1, 2-1. Moreover, Team Empire Dota 2 team set a mini record five years ago with five consecutive wins. At the CIS Cologne 2016 championship, they won 2nd place and $15,000 in prize money.

Former players

Below is a list of players who have left the team:

  • Andrei Kadyk “Ghostik”
  • Alexander Potapenko “Lightless”
  • Oleg Medvedok “Kaori”
  • Sergey Koren “Shisui”
  • Sergey Timchenko “[T]SA”