Navi dota 2

Natus Vincere is an eSports team that was founded in 2010. The total prize pool is $4,380,253. The team’s statistics show 52% of wins and 48% of losses. In 2022 Navi Dota 2 new roster will appear at The International 11.

Navi Dota 2 roster

V-Tune dota 2.

Alik Vorobey “V-Tune”. Role: Carry. The Ukrainian esports player began his career in 2018. His first team was Odium. Alik did not achieve much success, so he decided to leave Odium. He played in mixes and showed good results in individual events, thanks to which he received an invitation to the best esports team Dota 2. His stats include 135 wins, 107 losses, and 6 draws.


Vladimir Minenko “No[o]ne”. Role: Midlaner. Ukrainian Dota 2 gamer began playing more than 10 years ago, and now he is one of the strongest second-line players in the world. Besides, “No[o]ne” won five Major tournaments. He prefers to play characters in the game, such as Dragon Knight, Storm Spirit, and Invoker.

Solo dota2.

Alexey Berezin “Solo”. Role: Support. A gamer from Novosibirsk has become one of the most popular in the Russian-speaking community. Alexey is now 31 years old and has 10 years of experience in Dota. He has played in several teams at Midlane positions during his career but later switched to fifth-string Support. He likes to play by characters: Disruptor, Bane, and Shadow Demon. The total prize fund of the player is $1,074,742.

laise Dota 2.

Vladyslav Lais “laise”. Role: Offlaner. Vladislav joined the new Navi Dota 2 roster in February 2022. As a professional player, “laise” began playing in 2016. Favorite heroes: Mars, Pangolier, Tidehunter.

Swedenstrong Dota 2.

Georgii Zainalabidov “swedenstrong”. Role: Support. Georgy renewed the roster of the Navi esports team in 2022. He started playing professionally in 2020 in different teams but does not have any significant achievements.

Aleksander Lemeshev “Lk-“ is the team manager.

Awards and achievements

In 2020, the Navi team in Dota 2 game took second place on Gamers Without Borders and received $350,000 in prize money. They sent money to charity. In December of the same year, the Natus Vincere team took first place at the OGA Dota PIT Season 4: Europe/CIS and won $62,535.

Former players

Ilya Korobkin “ALOHADANCE”. The player began his career in 2013 and played the role of fourth position Support. His date of birth is 15.09.1997, and his hometown is Kharkiv. The player’s stats include 364 wins, 279 losses and 49 draws. He got his biggest win ($25,000) at DreamHack Moscow in 2015. Favorite characters: Rubick, Grimstroke, Shadow Demon.

Victor Nigrini “GeneRaL”. Role: Offlaner. Victor has 7 years of experience playing Dota. Esports player is 25 years old and comes from the Ukrainian city Uzhgorod. He’s earned the title of one of the most stable members of his position in the region and the nickname “machine”. He prefers to play the characters Batrider, Void Spirit and Beastmaster. The player’s first team was Duza Gaming, in 2014. His stats include 275 wins, 214 losses and 27 draws. It is worth noting that after an unsatisfactory result in the first season of DPC EEU 2021/2022 (January 23), Victor left Navi Dota 2 esports team.