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NaVi esports team was created in 2009, and at that time, no one could imagine that after a couple of years, this team would become almost the best in the world in CS:GO and one of the best in other gaming disciplines. The greatest success they achieved in cs:go, and at tournaments on this game, the team managed to win a prize fund of more than $400,000. But the team is not going to stop there and annually pleases fans of betting esports new victories.

NaVi team Dota 2 2022

Navi Dota 2.

The roster of the Dota 2 each year is subject to change. However, at the moment, the team consists of the following players:

  • Alik Vorobey – “V-Tune”;
  • Volodymyr Minenko – “No[o]ne”;
  • Vladyslav Lais – “laise”;
  • Georgii Zainalabidov – “swedenstrong”;
  • Alexey Berezin – “Solo”.


Navi Conter Strike.

During the existence of eSports NaVi team rarely changed its roster because the main philosophy of the team is inexperienced players with experience:

  • Valerii Vakhovskyi – “B1t”;
  • Denis Sharipov – “electronic”;
  • Sasha Kostyliev – “S1mple”;
  • Ilya Zalutsky – “Perfecto”;
  • Victor Orudzhev – “sdy”.

NaVi team is little known in other esports games because mainly large and famous tournaments hold in the games Dota 2 and cs:go.

Of the legendary roster of cs:go left only player S1mple, but they have good results in tournaments even with the new teammates. Very soon, they planned to hold a duel between the old and new rosters.

NaVi team victories

In 2021, the team took first place at the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021 tournament. The prize money for first place was $25,000.

Not so long ago, NaVi won BLAST Premier 2020, beating Astralis in the final. For first place, the team received 600 thousand dollars in prize money.

In 2020, the new Dota 2 roster took first place at OGA Dota Pit Season 4. NaVi outscored OG 3-0 in the final round.

The record for the amount of money earned was $500,000. Moreover, the team won this amount in only one tournament in Poland in 2020. So financially, the team feels great. Every day, the number of wins is growing steadily, and the team is taking trophies one after another.

The history of NaVi

Back in 2009, there was a project called KerchNet, but that team broke up, and a new one with the same name appeared. Later, it was decided to rename the team to NaVi, which means “Natus Vincere” in Latin. Perhaps the name played a key role, but NaVi immediately began to win with a huge advantage.