Vici Gaming Dota 2

Vici Gaming logo.

Vici Gaming is a professional eSports organization founded in China 10 years ago by former Dota 2 Allstars player Zhang Panpan. The team is considered one of China’s most successful Dota 2 eSports teams. The team’s statistics include 58% wins and 8% draws.

Vici Gaming Dota 2 roster


Yang Shaohan “poyoyo”. Role: Carry. A player who hails from China. During his career, he earned $37,565 in prize money. His stats include 131 wins, 36 draws, and 131 losses. Yang began his professional career in 2018, joining the current roster in 2020.


Guo Hongcheng “Xm”. Role: Midlaner. “Xm” joined Vici Gaming in 2021. He entered the professional scene in 2017. During his professional career, he earned 76,963,000 in prize money. His stats include 52.07% and 41.36% losses.


Haiyang Zhou “Yang”. He is a player born in China. “Yang” joined Vici Gaming from Team Elephant, where he had been playing for more than a year. His favorite characters are Earthshaker, Axe, and Faceless Void.


Zhao Jiayi “Yds” is a professional gamer from China who earned $4,713 in Dota 2. His stats include 51 wins, 3 draws, and 47 losses. Previously, he was a CDEC Gaming, Keen Gaming, and Serenity member.


Chen Guanhong “Victoria” is a 26-year-old gamer from China who earned over $63,000 during his career. His stats include 342 wins and 52 draws. In 2015-2016, “Victoria” was invited to the second squad of CDEC Gaming, then to LGD Gaming.

Awards and achievements

The team has several wins at LAN tournaments to its credit: 2nd place at The International 2014 and 4th place at The International 2015. Since its inception, the gamers on its roster have earned more than $10 million in prize money.

Former players

  • March 2022 – Li Jian “Irving” left the team.