Elephant dota 2

Elephant is a professional Doat 2 eSports team that appeared 2 years ago. At the beginning of its journey, the team was called 4AM, but since the title sponsor was Elephant, the young squad was given the same name.

Elephant Dota 2 team roster


Zhang Chengjun “Paparazi” is a professional player from China. Position: Midlaner. Today he is 25 years old and has already won $1,149.926. He is considered one of the strongest midlane players and carries roles in the Dota 2 pro scene.

Lu Yao “Somnus” is another team player about whom there is little information online. He joined the organization in 2019. It is known that the gamer is originally from China and is now 26 years old. He became famous among gamers by the nickname “Maybe”. His stats include 338 wins, 205 losses, and 39 draws. Previously he played for PSG.LGD, CDEC Gaming, and Vici Gaming. According to some reports, he left Elephant at the end of 2021.

Zhou Haiyang “Yang” is a professional player born in 1996. Role: Offlainer. During his professional career, he earned $943,642. He made a name for himself by winning high-level championships.

Xu Linsen “fy” is an esportsman from China. Hu Linsen was born in 1995. Role: Main-Support. He first appeared on the Dota pro scene in 2012. During his career, he earned $3,020,182. He is one of China’s most decorated gamers, having won gold and silver at The International Championship.

Ru Zhihao “RedPanda” is a 26-year-old player who has earned over $65,000. Role: Support. His other nickname is “qnd. He has 114 wins, 11 draws, and 113 losses, according to the statistics.

Awards and achievements

The CDA-FDC Professional Championship was the debut tournament for the PRC lineup. One of the team’s biggest wins was $22,500 in prize money at the RedPanda Championship Grand Finals.