navi esports cs:go team

Navi esports CS:GO roster


Alexander Kostylev “S1MPLE”. He is an excellent player whose skill has grown to a first-class level. Recognized as the best player in the world in Cs:Go in 2018.


Denis Sharipov “ELECTRONIC”. In the first two years of his career, he managed to change many teams until, in 2017, he stopped at Navi and thus helped the team win 4 major victories.


Victor Orudzhev “sdy”.


Ilya Zalutsky “PERFECTO”. He’s been playing for the Navi team since 2020. He has previous experience of participation in major tournaments and has already been recognized as the best player.


Valery Vakhovsky “B1T”. He was invited to the Navi Junior team in 2019 and then joined the Navi team in 2020 as a sixth player. By 2021, as a member of the Navi main roster, the guy managed to set a Major tournament world record for the average number of headshots per round.

Awards and achievements

Team NaVi was the first team to win three major single-game tournaments (in this case, CS 1.6) in just one year. Overall in 2010, the team managed to win eight tournaments out of fourteen. In 2011 the team got five wins out of fourteen, and in 2012 two wins out of ten. However, in 2012, the team placed second in all other tournaments.

Navi CUP cs:go.

Looking at the statistics, the percentage of NaVi victories in tournaments has decreased over time. Nevertheless, the overall statistics are generally positive, and can rightly be considered one of the best teams in the CS:GO esports.

Thus, in 2010, the team managed to earn $219,950 in prize money. Subsequently, the earning statistics decreased to $97,150 in 2011 and $73,010 in 2012.

Regarding the late game (from 2013 to 2021), the team’s stats were as follows: out of 144 tournaments in which the players participated, they managed to take first place 31 times and the same number of times second place. It is worth highlighting the year 2021, when the team managed to win ten of the fifteen tournaments held. Overall, the team managed to win about six million dollars in nine years.

The team’s recent achievements were winning the prestigious “IEM Katowice 2020” tournament when Alexander Kostylev “S1MPLE” received a medal as the best player. The team did not lose on a single map while playing in the “PGL Major Stockholm” tournament.

Cs:Go Navi team and its changes

The team was created in 2009 in Ukraine and called Arbalet.UA. The team got its current name in February 2010 by a vote among its fans.

Initially, the team participated in CS 1.6 tournaments. Then, when the tournaments moved to CS:GO, they continued to play at CS:GO.

NaVi esports CS:GO team originally consisted of five players. They include: Danil Teslenko “Zeus”, Arseny Trinozhenko “ceh9”, Ioan Sukharev “Edward”, Sergey Ischuk “starix” and Yegor Markeloff “markeloff”. The team is distinguished by special cohesion and confident team play, allowing the guys to win tournaments repeatedly.

In 2013, Yegor Markeloff left the team, and Denis Kostin and Anton Kolesnikov, who hail from Russia, joined. In 2019, Kirill Mikhailov, with the nickname “BoombI4” replaced John Sukharev.

In 2020 Ilya Zalutsky, aka “Perfecto” joined the team.


Natus Vincere (NaVi) translates from Latin as “born to win”. This team fully corresponds to its name and has many victories in CS:GO tournaments.

The statistics show that the team started with particular success. Then in the middle of its career, the team had some changes that sometimes led to difficulties in the game. At the same time, NaVi continues to win tournaments more actively than ever. As eSports grows, including in the CS:GO industry, everyone can watch their favorite NaVi team and support their favorites.

Former players

  • Kirill Mikhailov “BOOMBI4”. BOOMBI4 is a very strong player who showed results in 2017 before joining the Navi team.