Golden Guardians WoW

Golden Guardians is a professional eSports organisation for the game World of Warcraft.

The Golden Guardians Team WoW roster


Carlos Correa “Absterge”. Almost immediately after joining the team, he has won several major tournaments, including GCDTV NA Spring Finals and MGN WoW Tournament. He has several times qualified in AWC Cup. Carlos Correa was born in a Virginia state and liked koalas. He plays for the Shaman class.


Jason Smith “Pikaboo”. One of the best professional rogues players. He has been on the professional WoW scene since 2014 and has appeared in the top four gamers at Blizzcon several times since then. He and his teammates are the founding members of the WoW team that took a prestigious 2nd place at Arena World Championship 2018. In addition to his passion for gaming, Jason Smith has a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Communications. He plays for the Rogue class.


Conner Torrence “Wizk”. Professional World of Warcraft player from Texas. He first discovered the game at age 8 in 2004. Conner Torrence plays for the Shadow Priest class.


Vincent Tran “Jellybeans”. First competed in a tournament in 2014 and since then has won 4 cups. The Louisiana native is currently attending the University of New Orleans. He plays for the Hunter class.

Awards and achievements

The team finished second at the 2018 Arena World Championship.