Mythic Dungeon WoW

Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) is one of the largest championships in esports WoW. Players from all over the planet will fight for the title of the winner and raffle off $300 000.

Mythic Dungeon WoW.

Rules of participation

The championship is divided into 4 stages:

  • Team practice
  • Group tournament
  • Last Stand Tournament (LST)
  • Finals

As part of the Team practice, teams must complete two dungeons in a minimum amount of time. The top 24 teams advance to the group tournament. They will be divided into 3 categories. Every weekend there will be a match of one of the categories. After two defeats, the participants are permanently eliminated from the MDI championship. The complexity of the dungeons, as their characteristics, will be determined at random. Esports players will learn about them a week before their match.

The two teams ahead of the rest will move on to the finals, and the remaining teams will continue to fight for time in another stage.

The top 6 teams from the remainder will advance to the LST.

The LST winners move on to the final competition, with the first two teams advanced to the stage. That is where the winner of the tournament will be determined.