Rainbow 7

Argentina’s Rainbow 7 League of Legends team was founded in 2013 to become a professional organization in its region. The team has changed several names during its existence: Lyon, Sewen Wars Lyon. In 2017, the team became Rainbow 7.

The team does not have much popularity, but each player has received appreciation from spectators. The team’s players are some of the best players in North America and have beaten every team in their region to take 1st place. The Rainbow 7 is out of shape now, but the old lineups showed an average game that you could watch with interest. The team specializes only in the game LoL, which does not give her strong popularity, such as the NaVi, Gambit, VP, etc.

Rainbow 7 team roster

Team Rainbow 7.

At the moment the team plays five people. The success of such a squad is not very effective, but the guys are trying, and now we will talk about these five players and the tournaments played.


  • Emmanuel Juarez with nickname Accelerator, a 25 year old LoL player from Argentina. Joined the team in 2020, taking the role of a hardliner. He played 5 games and left the team.
  • Brandon Vilegas from Argentina with nickname Josedeodo. He played 5 games as a forest ranger, then moved to FlyQuest.
  • Tomas Diaz Valiente from Chile with nickname Aloned. He joined the team in 2020 as a midfielder and played 5 games.
  • Francisco Jara, nicknamed Leza from Mexico, joined the team in 2020, taking curry’s role and playing 5 games.
  • Facundo Suello from Argentina, nicknamed Shadow. He played 5 matches as a snapper.

This lineup has played 5 games in the 2020 World Championship, winning 2 of them and losing 3. In total, this lineup won $16,887. Keep that in mind when betting on eSports and picking this team.

Current Squad

The current Rainbow 7 roster consists of players:

  • Rey
  • Xypherz
  • Shadow
  • Aloned
  • Ceo


  • In 2014, the team finished 2nd at the 2014 Riot Latin American Cup tournament, winning $9,000. The team lost 0-1 to Dash9 for a great result towards the end.
  • In 2017, the team placed 17th in the World Championship tournament with $3,474 in prize money. The team played 4 matches, of which they won only 1.
  • In 2018, the team placed 9th and won $20557 at the Mid-Season Invitational. The team played 6 matches, including 3 wins.

In total, the team earned about $80,000.


In 2020, Rainbow 7 created a team of 6 people to play Valorant. Unfortunately, information about them is not much, and we can not tell you about them, but we will list them. Now the composition is inactive.

  • 0ng0wa
  • Sun
  • Fykan
  • DiMEN

This squad played 7 matches, 4 of which were won. This squad showed a great game and teamwork.


The cybersports team Rainbow 7 is not popular in the CIS and does not have a successful game. Squads are falling apart, which is causing the team to lose viewers and popularity. Even the LoL roster is not very balanced, but we hope that the team will do well.