Faze Clan Pubg

FaZe for PUBG is a European team founded in 2017. It ranks 14th in the esports teams PUBG, ranking after 384 matches.

Faze Clan PUBG team roster

Aitzy Pubg.

Ludvik Greger Jahnsen “Aitzy” is an esports athlete originally from Norway. Previously a member of Method. He joined FaZe in September 2018. “Aitzy” started to play PUBG as a child and turned the hobby into a professional activity.

Digg3ri Pubg.

Daniel Luusua “D1gg3r1” – joined the current roster in 2022. The gamer was born in Finland, and his first favorite game was FIFA 06. Daniel’s stats include 383 matches and $72,000 in prize money.

FEXX Pubg.

Christopher Wheddon “Fexx” – has been playing for FaZe since April 2021. The gamer was born in the UK and won $50,000 during his eSports career.

Gustav Pubg.

Gustav Lykke Blond “Gustav” was previously a member of Team SoloMid. In early 2020, he joined FaZe. As a child, the player preferred Counter-Strike but later became a professional in the PUBG game. Gustav was born in Denmark. Now he is 22 years old and earned $146,000.

Dylan Didiano “Didz” is the coach of the team.


Among the achievements of the FaZe roster:

  • In August 2020, the team reached the finals and took 1st place at PUBG Continental Series 2 Europe;
  • In November 2019 – 2nd place at the Global Championship;
  • July 2019 – first place at the PEL Phase Two tournament.

The team has a total prize pool of $1,788,284.