Facts about esports

Esports is considered an official sport in South Korea, China, South Africa, Russia, Italy, Denmark, Nepal, and Ukraine.

  • The richest eSports player in the world is Johan Sundstein from Denmark. He earned $6.9 million in Dota 2 after playing in 122 tournaments for team OG. Pick your eSports betting bettor to get richer than Johan.
  • The prize pool for each game, some of which can be won by the participants who showed the best effort, is, on average, 5 million dollars. The Dota 2 prize pool is $46.7 million annually. In first place is the Fortnite game – $64 million.
  • 145,000,000 people watched the actions of esportsmens in 2017. Broadcasts took place on specialized TV channels.
  • The biggest win per game was a $15 million win in Dota 2. That’s why Dota 2 is considered the most lucrative game in esports.
  • One of the biggest eSports scandals ended in a suicide attempt. The South Korean coach of a уsports team asked to lose his charges to pay off debts, as he had bet accordingly. The game was ended in defeat, and each team member received their part of the bet made by the coach. However, one of the players blabbed about the deal, and the entire team was disqualified from other games. Another player got upset and tried to commit suicide by jumping from the 12th floor but survived.
  • The first esports match was played in 1970 by students of Stanford University. It was called intergalactic space warfare and was a primitive arcade shooter.
  • Esports is not just for owners of personal computers. Today, Asian countries hold championships on iPhones and Androids. At the same time, participants must undergo medical tests during each competition.