Team Secret

Team Secret

Team Secret is a European eSports organization founded in 2014 by Clement Ivanov (nickname “Puppey”). He is the only permanent captain, unlike other Dota 2 pro teams.

Team Secret Dota 2 roster


Clement Ivanov “Puppey” – 31-year-old professional Dota player, originally from Estonia. One of the few who take part in every TI. Moreover, he has earned the title of a legendary captain and become not only an integral part of the team but also an exciting Dota 2 story.


Yazied Jaradat “YapzOr”. Role: Support. The 27-year-old gamer from Jordan began his career in 2012. He has established himself as a man with an out-of-the-box mentality whose presence brightens every encounter. Known for his aggressive style of play, he never fails to surprise and confound his opponents.


Michal Jankowski “Nisha”. Role: Offlaner. A 21 years old polish player started his eSports career in 2014. In the beginning, he played in the support position, then shifted to offlaner, and in 2017 moved to the centerline. The gamer can be described as a quiet, unpredictable killer and considered one of the most promising players in the world. Nisha has a total prize pool of $1,195,357. Together with his team, he is a three-time major champion.


Remco Arets “Crystallis”. Role: Carry. The Filipino player joined the team in May 2022.


Daryl Koh Pei Xiang “iceiceice”. Role: Offlaner. On the Dota scene, he has repeatedly demonstrated explosive character, skill, and charisma. This allowed him to become one of the most titled players in Dota. Previously played on teams KingSurf and Zenith. He began his career in 2011 with TI1 where he finished 3rd. The gamer’s prize pool is $513,198. He does not like to perform at championships in special uniforms, preferring the home environment and comfortable clothes.


Lee Seung Gon “Heen”. Role: Coach.

Achievements and awards

Team Secret has a prize pool of $14,882,477. The team has not missed a single championship of The International series and won five majors – in this respect, and it shares the championship with Virtus.pro. The stats include 68% wins and 8% draws. Team Secret finished the Dota Pro Circuit season (2018-2019) ranked number one globally.