Team spirit cs:go team

Team Spirit

Team Spirit is an esports organization founded in 2016. The team has played 588 matches in csgo, of which 55% were victories. You can look at other csgo teams that are rivals to Team Spirit.

Team Spirit CS:GO roster

Team Spirit.

Leonid Vishnyakov “Chopper” – gamer from Russia (town of Kurgan). Role: IGL/rifler. He started his professional career 7 years ago as a member of Team Enso, but in 2016 he moved to ALL-IN. In 2019 Leonid joined Team Spirit, where he plays as a captain. At the IEM Katowice championship in 2021, together with the team, he took 3-4th place. Most frequently uses AK-47s.

Abdul Gasanov “degster” started playing in 2007. His favorite map is Dust II. Role: AWRer. Previously played on many teams but did not succeed. That all changed in 2019 when the gamer was accepted into ESPADA. After that, he made it to the HardCup semi-finals and got a win at CIS Rising #3.

Boris Vorobiev “magixx” is an 18-year-old gamer from Moscow. Role: rifler. During his playing career, he earned $72,450 on matches. In his statistics, 58.70% wins and 41.30% losses. Boris has been playing CS since 2010, often using USP-S weapons. He used to play for ESPADA, but he only stayed with the team for a month. The promising player was spotted and invited to Team Spirit.

Pavel Ogloblin “s1ren” is a gamer from Russia. Role: rifler. He earned $3,918 during his career. According to the player’s statistics for 2022, he has 46.67% of wins.

Robert Isyanov “Patsi” is a professional player born in Russia. Role: rifler. He was born in September 2003; nevertheless, despite his young age, he made it to the semi-finals of LOOT.BET/CS Season 8 together with his team in 2020.

Ruslan Buhryn is the manager of the CS:GO team, and Sergey Shavaev is the coach.

Awards and achievements

Team Spirit CS:GO team cooperates with famous brands, including DXRacer, Parimatch, PC4Games, and 1xbet. After the roster renewal in 2020, the team reached a new level, and the finals of WePlay! The esports team earned about $500,000 in the CS-GO game.