gambit esports cs:go team


Professional esports team CS:GO – Gambit Esports was founded in 2016. It started as a youth team, but in 2020 “Hobbit” returned. And it gave a result: in February 2021, the team achieved its main success at this time – winning the “IEM Katowice” World Championship.

Gambit Esports team roster

Dmitry Sokolov “Sh1r0” role: AWPer was born in Cheboksary, and he has been playing in the team for almost 3 years. At the beginning of his career, he played Dota 2 simultaneously but decided that he felt more confident as a sniper holding an AWP. They also call him the most unlucky man in getting visas and an anime fan.

Sergey Rychtorov “Ax1Le” role: rifler comes from St. Petersburg. He is by right the youngest (19 years) but at the same time the most experienced player – more than 2 years playing for Gambit Esports. Sergey is the quietest and most modest team player but one of the most promising. Between tournaments, he manages to do his chemistry homework.

Abay Khasenov “Hobbit” role: rifler is from Ekibastuz (Kazakhstan). A year and a half ago, the “Krakow Major” champion returned to the team. Thanks to his experience and knowledge, he helped the young squad finally get rid of the title “Youngsters”.

Vladislav Gorshkov “Nafany” role: in-game leader started his way in esports in 2018. Gained the status of leader and team captain thanks to the ability to get out of any situation. He is for justice and prefers to speak frankly. He is a connoisseur of Oriental culture.

Timofey Yakushin “Interz” born in Nizhny Tagil, has become a model of hard work. In training, he can shoot heads at bots and is responsible for the most complex missions and awkward positions in the game. He is considered “senior” on jokes and memes in the team.

Ivan Kochugov “F_1N” role: team coach. He became a legendary Moscow Counter-Strike player. When switching to Global Offensive, he retrained as a coach. Ivan prefers to work with young players. Now Ivan is 38 and a strict but fair manager.

The manager of the club is Alexander Scherbakov “Sweetypotz”. He is 29 years old, and his “middle name” is multitasking. He successfully combines the manager’s role in 3 games: Apex, Fortnite, and CS:GO.

Awards and achievements

Gambit Esports team is a winner of multiple world championships, including Dreamhack Open and PGL Major Krakow 2017.

In April, players left GambitEsports and joined Cloud9.