forze esports cs:go team

ForZe is one of the oldest eSports teams in CS:GO, known since 2001. The main roster appeared only in 2017. In 2020, 2 players left the team at once, and new people came in their place – “Zorte” and “KENSI”.

ForZe CS:GO team roster

Forze logo.

Evgeny Yermolin “Norwi” – joined the team in 2021. He was born in Russia and is now 20 years old. In his stats, he has 24 wins and more than 40 losses. He got third place in “DreamHack Open November” and “Dell Gaming League Season 2” tournaments. Both were held in 2021.

Alexander Zagadyrenko “Zorte” – the energy of the player charges the others, and it was mentioned many times in the comments of the tournaments. The guy was born in Russia and joined the team in November 2021. For 2022 he boasts a high winning percentage of 52.80%. Prize money for 2021 is $48,675.

Andrey Mehryakov “Jerry” was born May 24, 1998 in Russia. The player’s total prize pool is $82,459. According to Andrei himself, he has been playing CS since early childhood. His first professional team was b.s3x, then Spartak. He joined the forZe team in 2017.

Alexander Gurkin “KENSI” is a Russian citizen and former member of the ex-ETHEREAL team, in which he spent less than 500 days. “KENSI” earned $57,000. The guy had been playing soccer for 8 years with a good prospect but still chose CS:GO.

The coach of the team is Artem Ivanov “Fierce”. He was born in Russia in 1989, and in the period from 2009 to 2010 he played as a player. In 2017 he became a coach of Vega Sqadron team.

Awards and achievements

The team has never qualified for “The International” series championships but has won many tournaments. After revamping their roster in 2020, forZe placed in the top 3 of the “FunSpark ULTI” and defeated Complexity and Virtus.pro. The team’s all-time prize pool was $687,842.