5balls esports cs:go team

5balls is a Russian CS:GO eSports team with a Winrate of 10 – 30%. The team is currently inactive. Take a look at the other CS:GO teams and choose whose progress you will be following in the future.

5balls team roster


Leonard Volodarchuk “Kenzor” is a player from Ukraine who has spent only 4 days in 5balls. He won 3rd place at the 2020 “National Esports League Championship”, which earned him $273. Total prize money during his career was $11,559.

Nikita Antsypirovich “Coffee” is a professional gamer from Belarus. He spends 208 days in the 5balls team.

Stefan Ailazyan “1mpala” is a Ukrainian CS:GO player from Kharkov. Winnings: $ 579. Currently, the guy is 22 years old, and his rating is 55.26%. After school, Stefan entered the Kharkiv National University, where he mastered the specialty of “developer”.

Nikolai Lapko “SADZED” is an esports athlete from Belarus who started his career in 2017. The previous team was FCDB, in which the gamer spent 77 days.

Ivan Semenets “AiyvaN” is a Ukrainian professional player with a prize pool of $10,830. One of his latest achievements is second place at the “ESL Italia Championship” tournament, which brought him $437. The biggest award for Ivan was the “TOYOTA Master CS:GO Bangkok” championship in 2018 – $1,200.

Awards and achievements

The team has played 17 matches, including 24% wins and 76% losses. In 2018, the 5balls team beat The Final Tribe 2-0 at the “WINNERS League Season 2 Europe” tournament.