Female esports players cs:go

Women’s esports competitions on Counter-Strike:Global Offensive esports are not gaining much popularity. Females often participate in tournaments with men, as the rules do not prohibit it. But the largest female competitions in recent years are:

  • WESG Female;
  • ESEA Female Cash Cup;
  • Ambush Female Spring Cup;
  • Ambush Female Winter Cup.

At the beginning of 2022, ESL announced a series of women’s eSports tournaments as part of “GGForAll”. The total prize fund of the competition will be $ 500,000.

Best female CS:GO eSports players

Diane Tran “di^”

Diane 'di^' Tran.

Diane Tran “di^” is one of the most titled female Counter-Strike players. She has two runner-up finishes at the Intel Challenge Katowice and is the winner of the WESG.

Victoria Kazieva “tory”

Victoria 'tory' Kazieva.

Victoria Kazieva “tory” is a Russian esports athlete from Vladikavkaz. Together with the “Lazarus” team, she took second place at the WESG championship. Today she is a member of the “NoFear5” team.

Hege Botnen “Hedje”

Hedje (Hege Botnen).

Hege Botnen “Hedje” is a famous professional female CS:GO esports player. She is considered a true veteran, as she has been competing since 2006. Aside from tournaments, she is also a commentator for some csgo events.

Julia Kiran “Juliano”

Juliano Julia Kiran.

Julia Kiran “Juliano” is also considered one of the female veterans of CS:GO. She began playing in 2010 and has been a regular face at eSports events. She’s won the “Intel Challenge Katowice” championship three times and plays for team “XSET”.

Zainab Turkie “zAAz”

Zainab zAAz Turkie.

Zainab Turkie “zAAz” is one of the main partners of Julia Kiran. Together the girls won the “Intel Challenge Katowice” and are members of the “XSET” team. For more than 5 years, this female duo has held the leading position in Counter-Strike.

Ksenia Kluenkova “vilga”

Ksenia 'vilga' Kluenkova.

Ksenia Kluenkova “vilga” is the main veteran of the female CIS. Since 2008, she has been a regular participant in the largest CS championships. Her main achievement is winning the “WESG Female”. The tournament was held in 2017, where the composition of the Russian women’s team won first place.