CSGO esports rules

Excluding custom modes in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” there are 5 multiplayer modes: normal, competitive, destroy object, arms race and fight to the death. Local esports tournaments can include a variety of matches and their combinations. But only the competitive mode is used in major championships such as “MAJOR”.

CS:GO competition mode rules

Esportsmens are divided into two teams of 5 people. As in classic mode – on the terrorists and cops. The match consists of one, two, or three games. The specific value varies depending on the competition and its stage.

The game comprises two periods. At first, the team plays for one side of the conflict and then for the other. The periods are divided into rounds. One round lasts 1 minute 55 seconds. If the bomb is planted, players are given an additional 40 seconds. The winning team gets the point.

The terrorists’ primary objective in the round is to plant the bomb before the timer expires and wait for it to detonate. The goal of CTs is to defuse the bomb or eliminate all opponent team members.

  • The bomb has been set and detonated – the terrorists win.
  • The bomb was planted but managed to defuse it – the CTs win.
  • All terrorists were killed before the bomb was set – the CTs win.

The period lasts 15 rounds. If both teams have the same number of points, for example, 15-15, then 2 additional periods of 3 rounds are assigned.

About CS:GO esports betting

You can make a bet on:

  • the victory of the team on 1 map;
  • handicap by rounds;
  • total by rounds.


Your bet wins if the team you bet on is the first to win in 16 rounds. If extra time was scheduled, the team that wins more rounds wins. Winners of the betting handicap and total bets on CS:GO are determined at the end, when all rounds are over, taking extra time into account.